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Queensland is known belovedly as the 'Sunshine State' for a reason. Situated along the coastline of Australia, this beautiful place in which I call home boasts stunning, bright blue skies and pristine, sandy beaches stretching for kilometres, bathed in the blissful warmth of the Australian sunlight. It's ocean reflects deeply the blues of the sky, rays of sunshine dancing off it's crystal surface. This collection celebrates the beauty of the Queensland coastline, with each piece capturing a special place to so many families who travel for hours each year to return to these places which hold so many memories. The bold colours and use of the pallet knife create movement in each piece that signifies the life in these places. The coastline never sleeps - it is bursting with life in every moment, with the waves washing softly against the shoreline, crabs scuttling across the sand in the moonlight, and seagulls calling as they soar the skies in the sunshine. This collection celebrates the beauty of the land we have been given to rest in, as the One who cares for us takes sustains the life bursting forth from these beautiful places He has given us to enjoy.

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