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The Road to Five Rocks

The Road to Five Rocks

Acrylic on Canvas, 61cmX122cm


Photo credit: Tiffany Keen (used with permission)


Five Rocks Beach is one of the hidden gems of the Central Queensland Coastline. Fine, golden sand hems the sparkling deep blue of the ocean beyond, broken only by the iconic five rocks jutting out from the shore. Showers of glittering water droplets encapsulate this structure for which the beach has been named as the strength of the waves force themselves against the rock's jagged base, shattering up into the air. There is something stunning, yet peaceful about this place - the mighty surge of the ocean contrasts with the gentle call of the seagull as she gracefully rides the waves of the air. The deep sapphire of the ocean contrasts with the golden sand, outlined by thousands of shades of green in the Australian bush surrounding this breath-taking little haven. 

But the journey to get there is not a smooth one. The dirt track quickly turns to sand, held together by the twisted roots of the trees and shrubs of the Byfield National Park through which the path has been cut. Snaking it's way up, down and around the peaks and troughs in the surrounding landscape, it is easy to lose one's bearings. This is a four-wheel-drive only track... and one I would not attempt without someone who has been there before. The dangers are all too great - the danger of getting lost, bogged, bitten... none of which I would know how to deal with. But in the passenger seat of one who knows the way, though the journey is rough, I have not a worry in the world. 

The road to this extraordinary little piece of heaven is much like the road we travel through life. At times, we feel like the path is only just holding together, as by the twisted roots of the surrounding shrubs. It's easy to lose one's bearings, as life takes surprising and unexpected twists and turns. There are dangers I don't know how to deal with. But, lead by the hand of the One who knows the way, who Created the track and knows each twist and bend ahead, though the journey is rough, I have not a worry in the world. 

I have chosen to capture the road on the way home from the most perfect day trip. Coming over the rise from one of these unexpected twists, the viewer is overcome with delight as the sun's last rays bath the Australian bushland with golden light. The approaching storm makes the scene even more beautiful, filling the sky with silver, blue-gray whisps mixed with the milk and honey of the sunset. Though the storms in life are never completely gone, I have trust in my Creator that they are there for a reason - and they almost make the sunsets in life even more beautiful. In all things, I can trust in Him... and in doing so, relieved of the anxiety of the unknown, I am free to see the beauty in the journey.

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