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Through Rose-Coloured Glasses (North Head), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Through Rose-Coloured Glasses (North Head), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print (20 editions)

21X42cm (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


Photo credit: Christine Lynch (used with permission)


The transformation of the land as the sun slowly follows it's path, almost reluctantly, beneath the horizon, never ceases to amaze me. The changing light throws pinks and purples across the sky, reflecting on landscape below to cast a warmth over the colours that seeps into the heart. Flashes of light, rose and gold, dance over the shimmering ocean that laps against the coral and lavender tinted rocks. The colours bounce between the sky, land and sea, chasing each other almost as if at play. Each day is different, but each day the play of colours fills my heart with joy. It is as if I am seeing the world in rose-coloured glasses. Everything in the world seems perfect and right and beautiful. 

Though I know in my head this is not the reality, I feel as if, for a moment, I am seeing the world the way God created it. The way it was meant to be. Though soon the light will be gone completely, the disappearance of it's source marking the end of their playtime, this beautiful moment in time at the end of each day is a reminder of the hope I have. That there is still beauty in the world, in the way God meant it to be. 

And as the light from the sun disappears, the light from the lighthouse, perched at it's peak, becomes visible. Though the world is not always full of beautiful colour, my Lighthouse, my God, shines His light in my life even more strongly when darkness falls. My heart remains full, even as the sun disappears, gazing at the constant source of light that is always there - the light that never fails. 

The stunning North Head in Sydney is a beautiful place to watch the beautiful light shows of NSW sunsets. The use of the palette knife captures the play of light across the rocks and shimmering ocean below. The light of the tiny lighthouse at it's tip is just starting to become visible as the sun dips below the horizon.

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