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Simple Joy

Simple Joy

50X60cm, Acrylic on Linen


Photo credit: Austrax Australian Cattle Dogs (used with permission)

There is something contagious in the seemingly constant joy of a dog. This is something special that sets them apart from every other living creature. Always 'smiling', they love nothing more than being in the presence of their people. Their body shakes uncontrollably to the rhythm of their tail, an outward sign of their inner joy in the simple things - their people coming home from work, a loving scratch, a gentle word of praise. 

The Australian Cattle Dog, energetic and intelligent, thrives off the hard work and training of farm life. He relishes the gruelling work of herding his farmer's cattle, pushing his body to the limits as he tirelessly sprints after the massive animals, spinning on a single paw at the slightest command. At the end of the day, it was all worth it for a single word of praise from the farmer he loves. He loves the work, and ends the day with that constant smile and thumping tail with the last of his energy for the day. 

It's hard not to look at the smile of a happy dog, to see that thumping tail, and not be filled with that same joy. The simple joy that comes from contentment, appreciating the good things in life, and relishing the work we have been given. I think maybe God gifted us dogs as an example of what it means to be happy. I pray that, just like our own best friends, I can be overjoyed with the simple fact of being in the presence of my Creator, knowing I am loved, appreciating the little things, and relishing the work I have been given.

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