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Rhythms (Bargara Beach), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Rhythms (Bargara Beach), Acrylic on Canvas Print

28X42cm Fine Art Print (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


There is something in the rhythm of returning to the same place each year, weaving memories into the fabric of a family's life, that the heart yearns for. That place may change over time, as a child grows, moves away, and begins a new family tapestry. The place is often not quite chosen, but just happens - through the circumstances of life, as the Master Artist weaves everything together, and adds these bright and beautiful colours into His design for us. 

Bargara beach has become that special place that God has weaved into my life. Halfway between my now home and the place where I grew up, it is the resting place on the long journey to see my family. It is the place to which my husband and I retreat when we need time to rest and refocus on the beauty of the world around us. It is the place where, as a new family unit, we have started entwining our own memories in a beautiful pattern of pausing to reconnect with each other and with our God. 

During our precious time together in this special place, we often walk from the campground along the esplanade together, just enjoying the presence of each other and wondering at the beauty of this treasured place. The sea breeze is cool on our face, and we savour the clean sea air filling our lungs. We feel the early morning sun on our skin, and our eyes delight in the bright blue sky reflecting off the crystal clear water beneath, contrasting with the pale yellow sand and bright green of the grass and trees lining it's banks. We come to the shade of a tree, where a small bench seat has been placed, just big enough for two. This is the moment I have chosen to capture, a place to rest and take in the beauty of this stunning place. The rhythm of the sea crashing against the sand and rocks along the banks is captured in the sweeping movement of the pallet knife, and the vibrant colours convey the bright joy that I feel in this place. The pandanus and pine trees, the rocks along the beach and the signs are iconic to the place, so familiar to those to whom this place is held dear.

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