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Reverent Awe

Reverent Awe

90X120cm, Acrylic on canvas


Photo credit: Don Yorke (used with permission)

There is something about the power of the waves crashing against the rocks that fills my heart with awe and wonder. It's difficult to comprehend that something as soft and malleable as water - the morning dew on a tender leaf, the substance that gives life to every living thing on earth - can crash against the rocks with a force strong enough to crush a ship and wear away the very rock that forms it's walls. 
Though capable of great destruction, there is a strange beauty in that power. The rythmic swell of the ocean as it gathers itself together, demonstrating it's strength as it forces itself against the treacherous cliffs at it's shores. The deep teal of it's depths flickering with gold, peach and lavender of the setting sun, bursts into glittering jewels of every colour as it shatters, falling back against the rocks to race back and start again. 
As I watch, captivated by this beautiful power, I am filled with a fear - not the kind that causes one to shrink away, but one that commands reverent awe for the majesty before me. But this is but a shadow of the majestic power of the One who created it - who designed this life-giving water that could have such incredible strength. I lift my eyes to the heavens, an artwork of sweeping colour created from light twisted and bent by the hands of the Master Artist Himself, and I am filled with a fear. A fear that commands reverent awe for the majesty before me. And in my heart, I praise the One who gives life to every living thing on earth, who's power and authority are beyond comprehension.

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