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Perfectly Orchestrated (Mt Baga), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Perfectly Orchestrated (Mt Baga), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print (20 editions)

31X42cm Fine Art Print (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


Photo credit: Joseph Cooper


The phrase 'it will never cease to amaze me', I feel, is used far too often. It's meaning dulled and worn-out with it's use in common language. Yet, I use it here literally. It will never cease to amaze me, how the world can be formed - morphing and changing over thousands of years. Yet every rock has been carefully crafted - each earthquake carefully timed, each volcano eruption precisely calculated, to form this land exactly how it is today - how the Master Artist wanted it. The climb up Mt Baga, short that it is, holds such beauty and wonder. As the day draws to an end, sunlight plays across the leaves of the dry Australian rainforest at it's base, shadows chasing each other across the hard earth below. I breath in the scent of the Australian gums, the cold winter air filling my lungs and the temperature begins to descend along with the sun. The walk starts out easy, but it doesn't take long before the familiar Australian bush is replaced with rocky boulders, held together it seems by the pine trees clinging to their edges. Now level with the mountain, the path before me is awash with golden light. For the most part, this path has been carved into the rock by many bushwalkers before me - the challenge comes with the seemingly uncharted scramble up the cliff face to reach the top. Clinging to the rock, pushing aside my fear, I fix my eyes, and my thoughts, ahead.Reaching the top, I turn to see the sky flooded with colour. Pinks and purples swirl around me, casting a pinky-glow over the dormant volcanos that fill the landscape. Little creeks and dams glint in the last rays of light, reflecting the glorious colours of the sky above. Throwing it's last rays over the landscape, golden light catches the tallest of the trees in the Australian rainforest below. The jagged cliff that seemed so foreboding moments before, catches glints of pink, purple and gold as the light bends and sways to the dance of the sunset. I hold my breath, captivated by the performance before me. Each counter in the landscape has been carefully crafted over thousands of years, mountains rolling across the horizon to spill out to forests of Australian gums - home to the thousands of birds singing in joy to the beautiful dance of the sky. This moment has taken thousands of years to form and plan. My Creator, the Master Artist, did not just speak the world into being - He continues to create and form the landscape every moment, to bring to life a perfect performance every day. Each day, enjoying the perfectly orchestrated song of the birds and dance of the sky, filling the landscape with light from above, I will never cease to be amazed at the beauty and wonder of my God.

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