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Peace Surpassing Understanding

Peace Surpassing Understanding

90X120cm, Acrylic on Linen


Photo credit: Don Yorke (used with permission)

There is something incredibly soothing about the sound of rushing water. Something that washes away the tension of the day in the same way the torrent washes away the debris in it's path. As the waterfall carves out the rough cliff face, leaving cool smooth stone beneath, so my cluttered thoughts are smoothed away to leave my soul refreshed. 
Royal National Park in itself is a world of wonder, it's pristine golden beaches and stunning eucalypt forests the perfect place for family picnics, bike rides and camping weekends. Though there is a joy in watching the families with their little ones screaming in delight as they jump the tiny waves rolling into shore, or learning to set up their first tent, little tongues sticking out in concentration... there is something special in the quiet secluded places that offer peace and rest. 
I imagine this secret place, nestled along the edge of the eucalypts, the crisp Autumn air filling my lungs. The familiar scent of a waterfall delights my senses. The sound of that crystal clear water tumbling over the cliffs into the stream below mixes with the call of the lyrebird, joyfully raising his voice in song. The soft lavender-grey of the clouds overhead reflect on the water below, the sweet small of rain tinging the air causing me to smile. I am so thankful for this precious time alone with my Creator - the One who made everything from the mighty waterfall to the delicate lyrebird. The One who brings the rain to nourish the trees, and who refreshes my soul. Who can wash away every worry and doubt as the waterfall washes away the debris. Drinking in the beauty around me, I am thankful for this time alone with Him. In the shadow of this mighty waterfall, which my God has made, I am filled with a peace that surpasses all understanding, as my cluttered thoughts are smoothed away to leave my soul refreshed. With a clarity that comes only from time alone with my Creator, I am able to return to the busyness of the world - reminded of the things that really matter, giving all else to Him.

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