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Open my Eyes

Open my Eyes

50X50cm, Acrylic on Linen, Framed in Tasmanian Oak


There is a harsh beauty in the Australian landscape. Severe conditions - long droughts, devastating bush fires, fierce storms... all shape the land to stand up against the most difficult of life's circumstances. The dry grass of the desert stands tall, rustling in the wind as it waits stubbornly for the next rainfall. The gum trees dig their roots into the hard earth, their faded green leaves a reflection of the hard seasons they have weathered. 

Though there is a beauty in the warm reddy-oranges, golden browns and subtle greens of the rugged Australian bush, at first glance there is only the harshness of the rough exterior. But the more I look - the more I pray to have my eyes opened to the beauty around me - the more I see the delicate, exquisite bursts of delightful colour amongst the dry colour palette of dry bushland. I see the tiny, fragile gum nuts and flower buds hiding amongst the eucalypts, their teal, tear-drop shaped leaves shimmering with silver in the sunshine. I see the beginnings of delicate blooms coming up amongst the gum trees, their leaves perfectly framed in stunning magenta. I look up to see bursts of vibrant red against the clear blue of the Australian sky, the waratah banksia standing proud and tall atop her tower of blue-grey leaves. I see the shock of fluffy lemon-yellow blooms overflowing from the flowering wattles, glowing happily in the magic of the morning sunshine, native bees dripping from their pollen-laden branches. And I see the little splashes of white hiding amongst the tiny olive-green leaves of the tea tree, it's elegant branches waving gracefully in the soft, warm Australian breeze. 

I see the beauty of the endless colour of the rugged Australian bush, within the harshness of the tough exterior. But the more I look, extending to the dryness of the plain, I see the most delicate beauty of all. Breaking out from the dark green grassy foliage, the kangaroo-paw, icon of our country, reaches to the sky. Vibrant yellows, rich reds, iridescent purples, these exquisite flowers extend their open hands to the sky, praising their Creator as they display their elegant, almost fragile beauty. 

The beauty of the endless colour of the rugged Australian bush reminds me of the beauty in my life, behind the rough exterior. I have weathered many storms and droughts, and my Creator has worked through those hard seasons to create a rugged beauty in the warm reddy-oranges, golden browns and subtle greens. But there are also exquisite bursts of joyful colour that He has placed in each and every day He has given me. I pray I may see these blessings - that my eyes be opened to the colour within my life. That like the exquisite flowers He has Created, I may extend my open hands to the sky in praise.


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