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One Voice, Acrylic on Canvas Print

One Voice, Acrylic on Canvas Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print (20 editions)

21X42cm (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


Photo Credit: Robin McTaggart


As the sun sets over the iconic rock formation that holds so much significance to our nation, the magical, fleeting moment of twilight transforms the landscape into a reflection of the flag that represents the first owners of the land. The sky darkens to reflect the beautiful skin of the people, the result of generations bathed in Australian sunshine. The red of the earth represents the land that is their home - the land that has seen so much violence over it's ownership, of which we look back on with shame and regret on behalf of our ancestors, and which is now so generously shared. 

In the centre of the landscape, Uluru stands awash in the last of the golden light before the sun disappears behind the flat Australian plain. Reflecting the yellow ring in the flag's centre, this breathtaking landmark shines with the sun which it represents, throwing it's light over the land below to complete the circulature shape. 

This same sun - the very centre of the flag - gives light and life to the land. It rises and sets over the entire nation. The same sun, over generations of our ancestors and theirs, has faithfully provided for the plants and animals and people of the land. It continues to bring warmth during the day, to light the way for the Indigenous people hunting and foraging, to us tending our gardens or mustering our cattle or playing a simple game of backyard cricket. 

In this moment, watching the sun shining on this landmark that holds so much meaning for all Australians, an icon of our country, I can't help but see the reflection of the Son that is the centre of our lives. The Son of God, that gives light and life to the land, and to our souls. That causes the sun to rise and set over the entire nation. The One that created our land, that created it's people. The One that cried as He watched us fight, and that is working through the pain even now to bring peace and reconciliation. The One who is in control of all things. The One that loves His children beyond comprehension will continue to faithfully shine His light in our lives. As I lift my voice to Him, I know I join a chorus that pleads for wisdom for our leaders, for love and equality to abound in our Country. In one voice, we ask for healing of times gone by, of reconciliation to one another and to Him, and we thank Him for the peace He is working in our country. The country we all call our home.

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