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Ocean Fairy Dust (North Bondi), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Ocean Fairy Dust (North Bondi), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print (20 editions)

21X42cm Fine Art Print (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


Photo credit: Gil Baillache (used with permission)

There is something about rock pools that awakens the beautiful, childlike wonder of years past. This world of wonder is bursting with life! Hundreds - perhaps thousands - of tiny creatures make their home within the tiny crevices and pools, each its own complex little ecosystem. Tip-toeing across the rough stones, teeny crabs scuttle for cover and the pools shimmer with colour as little fish search for a hiding place. We could sit for hours here, watching the pale blue periwinkles cautiously emerge from their shells, the bright red sea enemies gently wave their tentacles as trees in the wind, the soft purple sea sponge slowly making it's way across the rock pool floor, and the tiny little red bait crabs scuttle from one rock pool to the next, their petite little pincers held high in front of them as if ready for battle. 
Each little pool and crevice holds tiny little bursts of colour. But it's not until the sun sets that this world of wonder explodes in vibrant shades and hues as the golden light washes over. The day is coming to an end, which makes this time all the more precious. Once dull-grey rocks flash orange and red, and the ocean turns a deep purple with shimmers of gold and peach from the setting sun. The cliffs in the distance glitter with every colour imaginable, reflecting on the ocean below. Ocean fairy dust glitters as thousands of tiny water droplets from the crashing waves reflect the last rays of sunshine. 
I look to the sky as the last of the light fades. My heart is full of praise as I stand in awe of the One who Created this colourful world of wonder. If only I always had my eyes opened to the beauty and colour around me, not only in the moments when time is running out. Surrounded by the last remnants of ocean fairy dust, I am so thankful for the unbelievable love the One who Created this beautiful world I call home, has for me.

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