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Memories (Rosslyn Bay), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Memories (Rosslyn Bay), Acrylic on Canvas Print

28X42cm Fine Art Print (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


It's amazing how a place can so quickly bring to mind a flood of memories. The feel of the warm grains of sand giving way beneath wiggling toes, digging down into the dampness below the surface. The scent of the cool, salty sea breeze washing over, melting away the tension of the day-to-day. The oh-so-familiar contours and curves of the horizon, from which sunrises and sunsets have been seen, the paths and tracks up those hills so often climbed. 
And, almost stronger than those memories, are the feelings and emotions that wash over as the senses take in the sights, sounds and scents of these places. Feelings of the joy, excitement and anticipation of newly weds, walking barefooted along the damp sand, welcoming in the first day as a married couple. Feelings of gratitude and absolute contentment, leading my dear friend's little toddler by her tiny hand, stumbling as she learns to use these little legs to get to the water where we will spend the afternoon kicking and splashing in the shallows. And the deep peace and thankfulness of trips with my dog as my only companion, the warmth of the sun on our backs as we watch the final rays of light disappear over the horizon, the rough bark of the old log - my front row seat to God's beautiful light show - starting to grow cold beneath me... when I can just sit and enjoy the presence of my Heavenly Father. 
These are the memories, the feelings and emotions, of Rosslyn Bay. I have chosen to depict this beautiful place in the heat of a summer's day, with the stunning deep blue of the cool ocean invites the viewer in. The use of the palette knife mimics the gentle movement of the waves back and forth over the damp sand, the footprints of those that have gone before welcoming the viewer to enjoy the soft, warm sand, soaking in the beauty of this peaceful place. The vibrant blues of the sky and sea, the golden sand and the rows of trees, with the oh-so-familiar contours and curves of Bluff Point, are the joy, excitement and anticipation, the gratitude and contentment, and the deep peace and thankfulness of the memories this place holds.

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