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Heart of our Country

Heart of our Country

90X183cm, Acrylic on Canvas


Photo credit: Robin McTaggart


Though I've never seen the rock for myself, I can imagine the utter stillness in the middle of the Australian desert, the enormous red formation of sandstone the only landmark dominating the landscape. Though I've never been there, I feel a strange connection to this iconic rock, this landmark at the heart of the country that is my home. 

Ayres Rock holds so much meaning for the indigenous people of our land, yet it captures my own heart just the same. There is something almost mystical about it. Red as the Australian desert, it represents the earth - the very foundation - of my country. I can imagine it's formation - the Master Artist carefully carving in the crevices over thousands of years, moulding the beautiful curves of the rock face with summer storms and springtime rains. It's beauty is captivating - vibrant red as deep as wine against the blue of a perfect sunny Australian day. 

I can imagine the utter stillness in the middle of the Australian desert, with only my Creator beside me and the Great Rock before me. The summer heat causes massive sandstone to shimmer as if alive. Suddenly, the temperature begins to drop, and the colours begin to change. As the sun descends, the vibrant red of the rock explodes with colour. Pinks and purples are thrown across the sky, and the last of the golden light dances across Ayer's rocky surface. Spilling over the grass below, the last rays play in the tall stalks, a golden shimmering ocean surrounding the beautiful formation. 

I can imagine the beauty of this heart of our country, tugging at my heart. I can imagine the Master Artist smiling at His handywork as He frames it in vivid colour, adjusting the lighting to bring out all the vibrancy and brilliance of the reds, oranges, and golden colours through the beautiful rock. This is the heart of the country, the one I call my home. And I praise the One who Created it all.

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