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Eyes for her Farmer

Eyes for her Farmer

50X60cm, Acrylic on Linen


Photo credit: Dawson River Kelpies (used with permission)

The vast landscape of the country we call home is one of harsh beauty. From the windswept coastline, it's rugged banksias and coastal shrubs bracing themselves against the unrelenting, salty currents of the air... to the dry red barrenness of the Australian outback, gum trees and eucalypts firmly standing proud and tall against the harsh conditions that would cause any other tree to shrivel up in fear. This rugged, beautiful land is one that moulds it's foliage and creatures to grow sturdy and strong - to be able to withstand the floods and droughts, the fires and the chilling nights... to withstand any condition or circumstance thrown their way. 

The Australian Kelpie is such a creature, shaped by this country to withstand the harsh heat and dry conditions of the vast open spaces of Australia. Lithe, her muscled body ripples in the hard work of cattle herding, spinning on one paw to change direction in a split second. Her eyes never leave her farmer, waiting for the slightest movement to signal where to steer her heard. Her body twists and turns in the beautiful and purposeful dance he has for her. Unrelenting, she pushes her body, relishing the speed and precision of her movements, pausing only when her farmer signals it. 

The beauty and grace of her movements, the agility and speed with which she works, is captivating. But almost more beautiful is the bond she has with her farmer. Her eyes are fixed always on him. Even at the end of the work day, she never leaves his side. He is her world. And just as she loves him, he loves and provides for his dog. 

I think there is something to be learned from the love and devotion of the kelpie. Just as she looks for his signal, and he leads her in a beautiful and purposeful dance that trains and celebrates her lithe body, so I want to keep my eyes fixed on my Creator - the one who loves and provides for His Child. As she has only eyes for her farmer, I want to have eyes only for my Heavenly Father. To be lead through my life in a beautiful and purposeful dance that trains and celebrates the gifts I have been given.

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