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Dancing in the Moonlight, Acrylic on Linen Print

Dancing in the Moonlight, Acrylic on Linen Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print (20 editions)

30X35cm Fine Art Print (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


Photo credit: Angus Australia (used with permission)

Black as the night sky, beams of sunlight dance and shimmer across the glossy coat of the Angus as he moves, muscles rippling beneath the surface of the depths of that dark coat. Magnificent in every way, he lifts his head high with all the grace of royalty. Hundreds of kilos of muscle, the strength and power of this striking animal is exemplified by contrast to those sunbeams dancing lightly across his back, as thousands of stars dancing in the moonlight.

This majestic animal, though powerful, is a gentle giant. Big brown eyes, softened by a frame of lashes, look inquisitively towards any passers-by for a pat, or perhaps a handful of grain or juicy green grass from the other side of the fence. His silky nose, still wet from the morning dew on the pasture, is soft to touch - such contrast to the hard muscles that form the rest of his impressive frame. 

Sunlight dances in the moonlight. Watching this dazzling creature, I am reminded of the beautiful contrast of majesty and loving gentleness of his Creator. The One who formed those muscles rippling beneath strong shoulders, who formed the very beams of light dancing across his back - the One who formed the sun and moon and stars in His magnificence and power... the Creator of the Universe looks at me in my weakness with His gentle eyes, and loves me just the same.

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