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Childhood Wonder (Manly Beach), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Childhood Wonder (Manly Beach), Acrylic on Canvas Print

Limited Edition Fine Art Print (20 editions)

21X42cm Fine Art Print (Hahnemühle Torchon Fine Art Paper)


Photo credit: Philip Wade (used with permission)

There is something magical about watching the clouds morph and change as they sweep across the sky. Something that takes you back to childhood, where life is simple, free from the worries that adulthood brings. When the world held to it a sense of wonder as we gazed at the patterns in the sky and coming up with stories behind the shapes we saw. 

Back then, beach holidays used to last forever. It seemed we would always be jumping waves and splashing in the shallows. The sun was always shining, we had nothing to fear. We had all the time in the world. 

And there is something magical about the beach that can transport you back to that beautiful time. Where the world has a sense of wonder as we gaze at the patterns in the sky and dream about stories about the shapes we see. Except now, my wonder is even greater, as I think of the One who made it all. The One who designs the patterns in the sky, who controls the tides and who knows the exact number of the grains of sand along the golden coastline. Who came up with the soothing sound of lapping water, and who designed the contrast of rough golden sand against the soft ripples of the turquoise blue ocean. Now, with the wisdom that comes with the passing of time, I can look at the breath-taking scenery before me, and have a deeper sense of awe and wonder, knowing the Master Artist who created it all. 

A beautiful still morning, this depiction of Manly Beach is one of tranquility, showcasing the beautiful cloud patterns thrown across the sky. The palette knife beautifully captures the movement of the clouds, as well as the texture of the sand, in contrast with the smooth, glassy ocean in the stillness of the morning. The familiar life saver flags and red brick buildings complete the picture of this iconic Sydney beach.

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