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Bursting with Life

Bursting with Life

Stanage Bay, Acrylic on Canvas, 60cmX90cm 

One of the best things about Australia is the vastness and breathtaking beauty of the coast. There are so many places my heart longs to take me, and one of them is Stanage Bay.

This place is one dear to my friend's heart - a place of stunning beauty, and of peace and serenity. Located 175 kilometres north east of Rockhampton, this is a place truely removed from the busyness of life - where the only sound is the waves crashing against the shoreline, and the occasional seagull calling in the distance. It is a place bursting with life - it's oceans filled with whales, turtles and dugongs, and it's beaches dotted with cliffs, caves and rock pools to which millions of little creatures call home.

As I imagine this place which is so special to so many, this place which holds hundreds of years of memories of so many families, I think of the Creator who sustains it all. A place so bursting with life, with the clear deep blue of the ocean home to so many breathtaking sea creatures, and the beaches housing so many little birds and other tiny creatures - my heart fills with awe and praise for their Creator who, like the ocean, never sleeps. Their Creator - and mine - who continues to sustain the life of this beautiful place. My heart sings with thankfulness to the One who made such a beautiful place for us to rest in, to find peace in, and to enjoy.

  • As this piece has been entered into the Bluethumb art prize 2022, this piece is available exclusively on Bluethumb during this period. Check it out at

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