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Aussie Bunny (Bilby, Watercolour & Ink)

Aussie Bunny (Bilby, Watercolour & Ink)

Watercolour & Ink, 30.4 x 22.9 cm (11.97 x 9.02 in)

The adorable Bilby is affectionally known as being Australia's very own native 'bunny'. And, as such, holds a very special place in my heart. The tongue-and-cheek nickname that started between my husband and I during the early stages of dating has morphed and changed into a term of endearment. And, as names do tend to morph and change, so this one has come to represent to me love and family. This beautiful Australian bunny is soft and gentle, quiet and inoffensive - the exact representation of love. And, as the Bilby comes out at Easter each year, this tender creature reminds us of the love of Jesus as He gave everything for us. In this piece, the soft and gentle eyes of the bilby enquire sympathetically towards the viewer, and she pauses in her footsteps as if ready to move forward if a hug is required. The classic red ochre, burnt umber and sandy yellows of the earth are symbolistic of the Australian bush, with olive-green shrubs dotting the ground - typical of the arid, desert regions in which she lives.

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