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Orchestra of Colour

Orchestra of Colour

50cm X 50cm, Acrylic on Linen


Early morning sun streams through the kitchen window, dancing across the brightly coloured petals of the beautiful bunch bursting from the simple glass jar which proudly displays them. Rich shades of magenta blends with the more muted tones of honey gold, teal, lavender, rose, cream, and olive. Each colour, beautiful in it's own right, complements and even enhances the beauty of those surrounding it. Each flower, simple and yet exquisite in it's design - from the tiny, delicate waxflower to the elegant and bold protea - plays it's own harmony in an orchestra of colour to create the most beautiful, joyful song to behold. 

I cannot help but smile at the dazzling array of colour before me. These flowers of my country cause me to feel at peace. Gazing in wonder at the graceful petals in every colour, the thousands of tiny seeds decorating the banksias, the variations of cream and white adorning each leaf, I am awe of the One who Created them all. 

In this brief moment of stillness in the early morning light, before the rest of the world wakes, I am given a thought. Gazing in wonder at such beauty, I notice the more muted tones. The magenta grasses that frame the masterpiece of colour. The subtle foliage of the gum leaves. Perhaps these are just like the duller moments in my past, the times of pain or sadness that I would rather forget. Yet, I can see that they are beautiful in their own right - made beautiful through how the Master Artists arranges them within the design. He works through these times of sadness and pain, tenderly placing them beside those bright and beautiful colours, gently and lovingly stroking each petal. Though hard, I see how my Loving Heavenly Father works through those times to create something beautiful. Through this broken world, He works to bring beauty. Gazing in wonder at the dazzling petals before me, my heart sings a song of joy, joining in with the the orchestra of colour before me. 

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